Bespoke ICT business solutions in the cloud

We develop custom client-server solutions in the cloud that enable our clients to manage and control processes 24/7 that are essential to their business. Our customers are typically organisations that have needs which are not catered for by off-the-shelf software.

Our solutions are deployed on virtual servers or on physical servers in secure data centers with ISO 27001 certification. The servers are configured using Linux OS, Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP scripting (LAMP). The combination of these technologies is safe, proven and stable. LAMP configurations are applied on a very large scale world-wide. An additional advantage is that these technologies can be used for free, i.e. without paying for any license fees. Should the project at hand require this, we will install additional software on the server or create bespoke software.

The end user has access to application via web browser and / or via an app on his or her portabe device. Web applications are written in HTML5 and can be used over a wide range of modern devices. In the case of custom apps, the applications can also be written using native language of the device.


Aveos created the code and website for the e-HRM system "Step2HR". Step2HR has the following functionalities:

  • Online organisation management - Information about employees and about the organisation can be managed easily

  • Online competence management - Competences can be associated with the roles of employees. Step2HR holds a library of 80 competences

  • Online prerformance management - Reviews which are part of the performance management cycle can be created, viewed and approved online

  • Online assessments - Assess employees or applicants using validated tests

  • e-Learning - Increase the competence levels of employees via 42 e-learning modules

  • Online learning management system (LMS) - Mananage information regarding training and education of employees and signal expiration dates of certifications

  • Online recruitment - Manage and monitor the recruitment process

  • Interfacing - Data can be updated and exported automatically by interfacing with external information systems

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Logistic Monitor

Logistic Monitor was developed by Aveos for Kerres Logistieke Dienstverleners. Kerres was a trucking company that wished to automate the flow of information within the company and to streamline processes.

In Logistic Monitor each truck driver used an iPhone:

  • To log in and to identify the vehicle he was using

  • To record activities such as loading, unloading, getting fuel, taking breaks and doing repairs

  • To record the GPS location of the vehicle continuously

The iPhones would send live data to a server that recorded this data. Of course the system was designed in such a manner that no data would be lost if the iPhone did not have network connectivity for shorter or longer periods of time.

The locations of trucks could be monitored live via the Logistic Monitor website. The server would send notifications to customers automatically to inform them regarding the expected delivery times. Finally, all the recorded data would be used to create a large number of reports and for analysis purposes.

At the end of 2014 the client was bought by a competitor and Logistic Monitor went offline.