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Peter van Roosmalen

My name is Peter van Roosmalen and I am the founder of Aveos BV. I have done projects for the Gaming industry from the moment the company was launched in 2008 until today.

Prior to my activities via Aveos BV I was already very experienced in the gaming industry. From 2001 until 2008 I held the roles of Software Engineer and General Manager of a business unit that created offline gaming machines for 8 European markets. Our team developed complete products: game concept, artwork, hardware specifications, software, prototypes and testing. We also guided homologation for our games via accredited approval houses. Finally, we provided 2nd line support for questions from our customers.

Project Lithuania (2016/2017)

The aim of this project was to develop a Remote Gaming Device (RGD) for the Lithuanian online gaming market.
This RGD consists of a virtualised server using a Linux operating system. It contains the following elements:

  • Random generator (certified)

  • Initially 4 Online games - due to big succes 2 more were added

  • Back office for transactions reports and maintenance

  • Interfacing with the electronic wallet platform used by the operator

  • Automated periodical system checks (24 hours) that verify that the software has not been tampered with.

  • External verification tools the verify the integrity of the RDG

Aveos designed the RGD, executed project management and developed all software in accordance with Lithuanian gaming law. We also guided the certication of the RDG via an accredited approval house.

Loader screen Jolly Joker game.

Jolly Joker game.

Casino 2000 game.

Hottimer game.

Oldtimer game.

Wild Bull game.

Super Jackpot game.

italy project 1
italy project 2
italy project 3
italy project 4
italy project 5

Project Italy (2017)

Zombieland is a product that falls under the Italian Comma 6a regulations:

  • Zombieland game

  • Extensive servicemenu

  • Interfacing with hardware

  • Interfacing with AAMS

nl project 1

Project Netherlands (2015)

For this project we created an integral gaming platform:

  • Cabinet with ELO monitors, Quixant PC, cashandling and audio

  • System software for interfacing with hardware and VAN17 data-capture protocol

  • System software implementing Dutch regulations

  • API for interfacing with game software

  • Game software

The API has been designed to enable easy conversion of existing (online) games to products that satisfy the needs of the Dutch offline Arcade market and adhere to the complex regulations (so-called Article 13 machines).